$100 for Nothing

I have been in the online business or internet business for quite long time and many interesting evidences happen each day. Sometimes people loss money for nothing and also gain someday for nothing. Well, I couldn’t say anything because there is always some reasons. But luck counts for whatever happen to the business and life. Yesterday I got $100 for free. I use to write reviews of products and services of advertisers in many blogging programs. But I hardly write in this blog. Few months back I wrote a review about Shopzilla.com in one of my blogs. It got that offer from payperpost and after one month I got paid for the reviews. But day before yesterday I got a mail from a representative of Shopzilla.com saying that they need to remove the post and link in my blog and some other blogs of the other bloggers.

I was quite busy about my examination and I didn’t remove the link. Then yesterday I got another mail from them saying that they will give me $100 if I remove the mail before noon. I was about to remove the link but didn’t remove the link because I didn’t get time for that. But in the second mail they were offering me $100 for the removal of the link. I was really amazed to see the mail because they paid for putting the link and now they are offering for the removal of the link also. At first I didn’t believe that they will pay for this but I know there is nothing lost to me in removing their link and post. So, I removed the post and the link and then replied to them. Today morning I got a mail from Paypal saying that one eCheck payment is waiting for the approval.

And I check my Paypal account. Wow! That’s really great; it turns to be true that they paid $100 for the removal of a post and the link. But I am still wondering why they want me to remove their links and the post. This is not a case for me only because around 50 bloggers were asked to remove their post and link. This means they spend $500 for putting their links and $5000 for removal their links. What’s the matter but I don’t care about because it is there problem. The thing is that you can experience many amazing things like this in your internet business. It was just like a jackpot. I got $100 for free and may be they were also benefit for the removal.

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