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Apple Inc. has launched their new creation, Apple iPad and also they have announced the pricing of the product. About the features of the Apple iPad, you can get from the official website of Apple. iPad includes some of the interesting features like Safari, Mail, Photos, Video, YouTUbe, iPod, iTunes, App Store, iBooks, Maps, Notes, Calendar, Contacts, Home Screen and Spotlight Search. Apple promoted this product for eBook readers and college students who want to use this beautiful gadget for reading book with multi functions.

Here I want to talk about some of the comments and reviews about iPad from customer point of view and from some popular tech blogs. In the first place, people comment on the wrong chosen of name “iPad” and then the price of the product as people would start checking the bank balance when talking about iPad. It is just like the price of the product is just overweight as compare to the features and the appeal. There are some negative points of the products shared in most of the discussion forum and blogs about Apple iPad:

1. Dependence on Adapter
2. Absence of HDMI port
3. Without Camera
4. No Adobe Flash
5. Multitasking Disable
6. No iChat Capabilities
7. Aspect Ratio (4:3)

These are only some of the comments from the customers about iPad but there is such a huge list about this product. The New York Times critics, David Pogue explained the product in simple language as “the standard Apple new-category roll-out”. The Gigaom critics, Om Malik, started talking about the positive points of apple iPad but the ending remarks of him left the people open mouthed: “If I didn’t own a Kindle or an iPod touch, the decision to buy an iPad would be an easy one. But I own both, and even if I only owned one of them, it would be a tough decision.” Then some people comment that the keyboard the tablet’s size is just little weird and may be just too wide for thumb typing. Many people talk about the negative points of Apple iPad but let’s see how the product will be performing in future and what would be the people’s reaction in the market.

Love to see your comments too about the Apple iPad.

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  6. Like the iphone, the 1st release , the iphone had issues and new revisions or iphone upgrades were released and are still being released the 4g iphone in June 2010???]
    so wait until improvements are released for the ipad, but its ashamed that they released such awesome item as the ipad, with such limited features and they probably did this if the consumers will buy the new ipad due to ther failure of the MAC AIR…

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