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The first point is: Proxy websites and proxy servers have become very important with the increasing cyber crime and security threat in surfing internet. If your computer is connected to internet means you are connected to some kind of server, i.e., internet server and by breaking the barrier that your network security is providing, anyone in the internet network can access your computer and also can record your browsing history and important passwords. So, it is very important to use proxy websites and servers to protect from this kind of access attempts.

The second point is: Yes, not all proxy servers are effective and it is because network filters keep on inspecting proxy servers and once they put the proxy servers in their blacklisted proxy websites or servers, then those proxy servers cannot be used in those networks. So, using new proxy servers and proxy websites is very important if you want to use proxy sites for surfing Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, Youtube and other social networking websites from your school, college or office internet network.

The third point is: I have started one initiative to provide working and updated new proxy websites and servers to the internet surfers all the time. Well, there is one proxy directory for me and it is New proxy (New-proxy-sites.com). Now I review proxy servers every week (at the end of the week) and put only 10 working proxy sites in its proxy list. There you will find proxy servers and sites that are working for new myspace proxy, orkut proxy, facebook proxy, youtube proxy and any other kind of social networking.

The last point is: Your feedback is always welcome on the new and updated proxy list provided below:

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  1. Hello there,

    Thank you for sharing the new proxy website list.
    I have been searching for new proxy sites.

  2. i need proxys

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