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Looking for the list of working and free myspace proxies which are just released and can be used in school internet network? There is a set of new myspace proxy sites which can unblock myspace in different internet networks. Myspace is the leading community website in US and some other countries. Nowadays people do not get much time to interact and Myspace has become the medium to connect with friends. But most of the schools and office internet network are blocking communities like Myspace, orkut, Bebo, Facebook etc. to enhance the performance of the employees and students.

Now Let me tell you how can you use this proxy list. Select one of the proxy sites from the list of proxy servers and type the web address of the community like “”, “” or “”. And then click surf now. I am damn sure that you will find some working myspace proxies from the list of the proxy sites. These proxy sites are applicable for other communities also.

There are some advantages of using new myspace proxy sites against popular proxy sites like HideMyAss because the new proxy sites cannot be detected by network filter. Not a single proxy site can be reliable and working for long time and the reason is that the proxy sites after using for some time can be detected by your network filter. So, it is very important to keep the list of working and fresh proxy sites.

I am working in Maruti Suzuki and I have been facing some problems in accessing my Myspace profile from the office internet network. Then, I found this list of working proxy sites and I have been using this proxy list for quite a long time. The internet network of our office keep blocking the proxy sites but this proxy list is updated regularly and they always provide free and working proxy sites.

Now I can access the Myspace community from my office any time using the updated proxy list and each time I found at least some working proxy sites from this list of proxy servers. So, I feel like sharing these proxy sites with you people so that you can also enjoy Myspace from your school, college and office. But make sure that your mentors will not complaint me for providing such a key solution for accessing MySpace by using these new proxy sites. If this proxy list is helpful to you, then I really appreciate your feedback about the proxy list.

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  2. hello

  3. thank you i really need them

  4. i need proxies to get passed schools blocker

  5. This site is very nice. I have a proxy server site. Any Body see this site. If not. Please see this site.

  6. Thanks for the myspace

  7. thanks bro

  8. HI

  9. [...] many myspace users are looking for myspace proxy and if you are one among them who are looking for new myspace proxy, then there are many new proxies in this proxy server database. So, you can use this proxy for [...]

  10. Some of the proxy sites in the list are not working I think because I tried for about 3-4 times to use this proxy site and finally I found one proxy server to use in my office. Thanks anyway for the proxy list and the servers.

  11. Hello Leon,
    Now the proxy list is updated and you will find many new myspace proxy servers in the list.

  12. Finally this new myspace proxy list is updated.
    Thanks Anyway.

  13. Dear MySpace proxy users,

    The new myspace proxy list has been updated.
    Now I will update regularly these new proxy list so that I could keep only 10 working proxies for myspace. If you are looking for new myspace proxy for 2011, then you will updated new myspace proxies in this list.


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